Short Term Hospitality Shelter for "Metaxas" Hospital Affiliates "Social Welfare"

The Shelter consists of four (4) double rooms with fully equipped cooling and heating equipment, where same-gender people accomodate. A shared kitchen allows guests to prepare their own meals, while there is a dining area and a seating area with a TV for relaxation and entertainment.

The shortage of permanent accommodation in the Attica area and the inability to secure temporary accommodation on their own is a key condition for the short stay of the accompanying patients in the Shelter.

Applications for hospitality are evaluated and approved on the proposal of the Head of the Social Service of the Metaxa Hospital in collaboration with the competent KΟDEP services, with a maximum stay of fifteen (15) days. An extension, when necessary, is happenning following a recommendation from the Social Service of the Metaxas Hospital.

Short Term Hospitality Shelter for "Metaxas" Hospital Affiliates "Social Welfare"

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the Shelter, guests must adhere strictly to the basic rules of living and accommodation which they are informed in writing upon arrival.

Necessary integration documents for the Shelter:

  • Hosting Request.
  • Certificate from the Public Hospital that the guest is not suffering from contagious diseases (hepatitis, HIV, cutaneous etc.).
  • Psychiatric examination by the Public Hospital, certifying that the person concerned does not suffer from psychiatric problems that would prevent the coexistence in the shelter environment.
  • Chest radiography and general blood test.
  • Certificate of indigency or other document evidencing his difficult financial situation.

In case of a foreign person is additionally required to submit any public document proving that he / she is residing permanently in the country.