Our goal as a Psychosocial Support service is to promote the mental health of the individual in order to maintain their social integration and ensure the best quality of life.

The department consists of a team where in a climate of safety and trust, we provide specialized services of emotional care, counselling and psychotherapy in the management of psychosocial crises, in symptoms of psychological difficulties, in matters of health, personal or family difficulties to the individual or his family.

In particular, the psychosocial support department acts supportively – therapeutically on issues such as:

  • Symptoms of Psychological Difficulties (Depression, Anxiety, Phobias)
  • Issues of Loss / Mourning
  • Puberty Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Work Issues
  • Social Marginalization – Exclusion
  • Medical and Social Problems Management Issues (welfare benefits, provision of information on benefit reception process, social care benefits)
  • Interconnection with mental health bodies for specialized situations.

The psychological support of those in need is not only aimed at removing clinical symptoms and relieving mental anguish, but is an important support in their quest to regain their social inclusion and functionality. In order to achieve this objective, particular emphasis is placed on the holistic approach through the interdisciplinary team of the program and through the interconnection between actors.

The healing relationship builds the foundations of a relationship of trust with each other, which is a prerequisite for the overall integration of vulnerable populations into society.