The Piraeus Public Benefit Enterprise (KODEP) in the year 2021 is implementing the Action “Grant L.E. The Piraeus Public Benefit Enterprise for the implementation of the project ESTIA 2021: Rental accommodation scheme for asylum seekers in the Municipality of Piraeus “with OPS code 5076711.
The Action is funded by the Public Investment Program of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum and may be borne by the budget of the Emergency Support Mechanism of the Immigration and Integration Asylum Fund of the European Union.
The project concerns to continuing function of the existing 39 apartments for asylum and international protection seekers under the framework of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum program “ESTIA 2021: Rental accommodation scheme for asylum seekers” by the Piraeus Public Benefit Enterprise (KODEP), as an implementing partner / beneficiary. The 39 apartments have a capacity of 228 places and are located within the boundaries of the Municipality of Piraeus. The most effective way of protecting people in need of international protection is to provide them self-contained apartments, which have the equipment and at the same time are supported by the necessary specialized staff of the project team, in order to meet the needs of this population.
Beneficiaries of the Program are adult applicants for international protection and asylum seekers, including any minor family members, with priority given to vulnerable persons and applicants for international protection who, as adults, live in centers for unaccompanied minors or temporary shelters for unaccompanied minors.
The purpose of the program is to ensure an adequate standard of living for applicants for international protection, through the provision of housing, as well as the provision of support services, according to their needs and guided by the integrated provision of material reception conditions within the meaning of EU law.
The services provided are informative, advisory and supportive on procedures related to the beneficiary, such as information on his rights and obligations, enrollment in public education structures and processing of health care procedures, enrollment in the tax Registration, opening a bank account, social security, enrollment in employment promotion or social protection organizations. In addition, psychosocial support services are provided according to the needs of the beneficiary as well as interpretation in a language that the beneficiary understands.