The Social Utility Company of the Municipality of Piraeus (KO.D.E.P.), in the framework of the program “Housing and Work for the homeless”, starts the implementation of the Action Plan entitled “Home & Work II” and project code SE-15. In the project “Home & Work II” the leading beneficiary is the Municipality of Piraeus and the management body is KO.D.E.P.. As part of the program, at least 20 households will be assisted with a total of 32 beneficiaries, who have been registered as homeless living on the streets or in unsuitable accommodation, are residing in Hostels and Shelters for the homeless and have completed the 18th year of age. Of all adult beneficiaries, at least 20% will be assisted in finding employment. The project duration is eighteen (18) months.

The key project objectives include:

K.O. 1: The immediate transition to autonomous forms of living through the provision of housing and social care services.

K.O. 2: The mobilization for reintegration into the social web through the provision of counseling and employment reintegration services.

Ε K.O. 3: The inclusion of all beneficiaries in the housing plan for a period of up to eighteen months.

K.O. 4: Around 20% of all adult beneficiaries will be included in the job reintegration pillar.

K.O. 5: The development of synergies with other Social Services Actors and other Public Bodies.

Home & Work II