The Private Tutoring «Solidarity Teaching» of KODEP is addressed to secondary school students, offering them the opportunity to attend free tutoring courses. Foreign language courses are also available everyone in every age. The services provided are not limited to courses, there is a possibility for students and their families to collaborate with a multitude of specialized professionals covering a wide range of their needs. At the same time, students are given the opportunity to attend sessions with a School Guidance Counselor and complete a corresponding test.

The Tutorial has been operating for six years, with excellent performance in the field of education. Since its first year of operation, high student success rates have been achieved across the national exams, reaching up to 90% of all competitors.

Integration of beneficiaries into the tutorial is based on income criteria and their stay is judged on the basis of a regulation that guarantees its quality. Classes are held in the 10th High School of Piraeus, in the afternoon from 16.00 to 21.00 and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00.


he Moodle based e-learning platform of ProjectLab, is offered for free to the Private Tutoring «Solidarity Teaching», in order to support the teaching process of students from different schools of the Municipality of Piraeus, via real-time vocational education tutoring. Each educational content offers the opportunity to teachers and students to hold lectures and other educational activities in synchronous and asynchronous e-classes, while at the same time, supports the submission of on-line assignments and tests, student grading, electronic library, ect.

This initiative of KODEP, has as its main priority, the willingness to offer knowledge and support to students of Piraeus, who remain isolated due to regulated restrictions of movement, as a protective measure to tackle COVID-19 outbreak, as students and teachers can no longer participate in face-to-face lectures.

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