In the aftermath of the great economic and social crisis, more and more of our fellow citizens are facing poverty and insecurity. People of next door with dreams and ambitions, suddenly lose everything and are on the road, thus experiencing the most extreme form of poverty and social exclusion. In this context, KODEP operates the “Relief” Homeless Shelter in order to “embrace” and provide security to our fellow citizens, who need to rest on their own strengths and continue their lives with dignity.

Being convinced that “everyone has the right to a decent daily living”, the shelter operates to meet the immediate needs of the homeless citizens of Piraeus for a maximum term of three months. Our goal is the psychosocial support as also the social and professional rehabilitation of the guests, in order to avoid the permanence of their stay.

Staffed by the appropriate scientific and administrative staff, the Shelter is able to offer services such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Provision of personal hygiene and clothing
  • Half board
  • Counseling and psychosocial support
  • Social and welfare coverage

The “Relief” Homeless Shelter is housed in a building of 900 sq.m. Set in double and triple rooms that can accommodate 41 persons in total, it has shared toilets and showers (women and men separately), dining area, storage space, fully equipped laundry / ironing board, social services and secretariat as well as a reception desk. .

The Shelter can accommodate and accept (by priority) homeless citizens and former residents of the Municipality of Piraeus, who are able to self-serve  and they do not have any problems of chronic illness, disability or mental illness, as well as not having dependency problems such as from alcohol or other substances .

Necessary integration documents for the Shelter:

  • Request made in the presence of the Shelter Social Worker
  • Medical examinations (Hematological for Transmitted Diseases, Cardiogram, Chest X-ray, Dermatological Examination and Psychiatric Assessment by a Public Hospital)
  • Tax return of the previous year or an Affirmation based on C.L.1599 / 1986 by DOY stating that the applicant is not liable to a tax return.
  • Family Status proving that the person concerned is a Piraeus Citizen or a Certificate from the Municipal Police Office, that he is or was a former resident of the Municipality of Piraeus or an affirmation according to the Declaration of Law No.1599 / 1986 by the owner of the house in which he was living or renting this residence.
  • ID Photocopy.